Remy Panagos


Remy is a graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder where he earned his degree in Humanities with an emphasis in Communications. He began his career in sales in the real estate industry. After his time in sales, Remy made the pivot to recruiting in the financial services field and has not looked back since.

Remy enjoys connecting with people to find what their passions are and to ultimately help them best navigate their career decisions. He loves hoping on the phone or meeting in person to discuss a true game plan in helping candidates find their perfect role.

On a personal note:

Remy was born and raised in Philadelphia. His love for Philly sports is immense as he tries to make it to almost every regular season Eagles game. His hobbies include snowboarding and mountain biking in the fall and winter. He also loves playing golf in the summer/spring. Remy likes to take what he has learned in his day to day and incorporate it into helping others in any way possible.