Stephanie Rada


Stephanie graduated from St. John’s University with a Bachelor’s in History. Her experience with researching for her major and working during college made her realize how much she loves interacting with people. After graduating, she got straight into recruiting, starting her career working in tech roles and transitioned over to recruiting for finance roles when she joined Arrow. She loves using her research skills from college to help her find the perfect candidates for clients and loves helping people find their way to help build their resumes and find new jobs.

On a personal note:

Stephanie loves to spend time with her friends and family and coming home from work to play with her cat, Yuca. Stephanie loves to travel and is always itching to visit new places. Every year she visits her family in Colombia, where her love for travel stems from. She loves to stay active by doing Pilates and yoga and having grown up on Long Island you will always find her at the beach on a sunny day in the summer.