Blaine Braunstein

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Blaine brings over fourteen years of executive search experience to his role at Arrow, specializing in the placement of professionals within major hedge funds, private equity firms, investment banks, and broker dealers. Throughout his impressive career Blaine has built strong relationships with both his clients and candidates, leading them to success.

Blaine graduated from Indiana University with a BS in Finance and headed straight for the recruitment industry where his natural talents unraveled. With a business driven background, many candidates and clients turn to Blaine for support outside of career placements. Whether it’s advice on navigating year-end reviews or helping firms run more efficiently, he’s always ready to jump in.

With a genuine passion for what he does, Blaine is continually one step ahead of his candidates, who often joke that he’s more vested in their career than they are. He quickly builds the trust of others and is known for coming in at the last minute to help guide candidates unsure of their next career move. Between his enthusiastic demeanor and motivational mindset, Blaine is someone you want on your team.

On a Personal Note

As the former lead singer of his band, Blaine beats to his own drum. With a deep-seated love for all 90’s music, you can find him at the closest karaoke lounge (or even at the office) singing his heart out.

In his spare time, Blaine enjoys playing pickup basketball, hiking, snowboarding, watching his Indiana Hoosiers and of course spending time with his wife, his daughter Bailey and his son Beckett!