Brian Hite

Executive Director

Brian brings over a decade of recruiting experience to his role as Executive Director, specializing in the placement of Accounting and Finance professionals. Brian graduated from Iona College with a BS in Accounting, starting his career at a regional Public Accounting firm and later joining BDO Seidman—a top 7 international firm, where he gained invaluable experience advising multibillion dollar clients.

Realizing recruitment was the perfect combination of advisory services and relationship building, another strong suit of his, Brian entered the world of executive recruiting. Since 2009, Brian has helped hundreds of candidates navigate their career paths. From dealing with a challenging economy to having a deep understanding of the ever-changing market, Brian quickly became one of the top recruiters at his previous firm.

Many say it’s his keen sense of understanding exactly what his clients need and exactly what his candidates want that separates him from other recruiting professionals. By staying effortlessly in sync with the market and his relationships, Brian is always one step ahead.

On a Personal Note

Brian is as enthusiastic about recruiting as he is about living life to the fullest. Brian loves to travel and experience the world around him. When he’s not jet setting to his next destination, he can be found cruising across the Great South Bay on his boat.