3 Tips for Newbies in the Real World

You just graduated college and you are on your way to beginning a new career. You have internship experience in your pocket, but you always knew these jobs had an end date and you would be back to living the college life. Now it is time to start a real job with a real salary and real expectations. Life is about to change, what can you do to start off on the right foot in the workplace.


  1. Take initiative- do not wait for work to be delegated to you. Of course, when you start a new job, there is a training process and it may be slow until your boss sees what you can handle. However, do not be afraid to ask for more work. Everyone loves a proactive employee; ask what you can do in times where work is not handed to you.
  2. Proofread your work- This is one of the most important things to focus on when starting a new job. No one likes getting an email addressed to a different name, an email with spelling errors or reading work from an employee with grammar mistakes. Proofreading carefully will show your work ethic and the detail that you put into your work.
  3. Build healthy relationships with your colleagues- It is important to show your team that you care about them and their success. Building a good dynamic with your boss, building trust and credibility should be a priority your first few months in a new job. It will lead to more opportunities and eventually a promotion.
  4. Do not get discouraged by the learning curve- College is very different from the real world. There will be a lot to learn but try not to be intimidated by this new chapter. Let each day add value to your personal and professional growth.