How to Interview on Camera

Many first-round interviews are taken via video on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or another online platform. Interviewing well, technologically speaking, can be the deciding factor in whether you continue on in the interview process. 

  • Always use a laptop camera for interviews. If you must use a phone, prop it against something so it doesn’t move. Nothing is worse than a shaky screen.
    • Your laptop should be centered to your face, think chest up with some small space above your head
    • Make sure your surrounding area and your face are well lit (not backlit, this will create shadows)
    • Place your camera lens eye level
    • Do not be too close or too far from your laptop
    • Consider putting your laptop on a box or purchase a laptop stand, so you can ensure good posture
  • Make sure there is no background noise
    • If you are using headphones, do an audio check beforehand
    • ALWAYS keep your laptop plugged into power if possible, during the interview
  • Eye contact
    • In order to present an engaging, open attitude, look at the interviewer directly on your screen
    • Do not stare at the camera lens
  • Find a neutral background
    • A plain wall or background works, nothing distracting
    • Make sure you are seated upright in a chair….not on your couch or bed!
    • Rent out an office space if you are unable to take the interview from your home or office
  • Dress to always impress…wear what you would normally wear for an in-person interview. Hint, hint: professional, appropriate, and no distracting patterns (especially on camera!)