Why honesty really is the best policy when it comes to your resume

When you are looking for a new opportunity, it is natural to want to present yourself in the best light to not only your recruiter, but to your future employer. One major benefit of having a recruiter is that they have the ear of their clients and can vouch for you. But they need all the information up front, even if you think it’s not relevant or may hinder you from landing the role. You want to ensure your resume and your work and life history is an accurate, truthful reflection of you.

Do not fabricate the following on your resume:

  • Employment History (this includes the titles held at the company and the time frame in which you worked at the company)
  • Professional Licenses (for example: a CPA verification)
  • Professional References
  • Education History
  • Skills (only list skills you are proficient in)

Investopedia reported “a 2022 study from ResumeLab that surveyed over 1,000 people showed that 36% of respondents admitted to lying on their resume and 93% said that they knew someone who lied.” – Jane Fowler, reviewed by Andrew Schmidt, Investopedia.

Being straightforward with your recruiter and on your resume comes down to a few key reasons, one of which is a lot of companies run background checks. Odds are you are going to get caught if you lied somewhere on your resume. Falsifying your resume can cause you to lose out on a job opportunity and tarnish your reputation. The world is smaller than we think and there is a potential risk of this getting back to your current employer. Lying on a resume can negatively affect your chances of getting hired again. How would you expect a company to trust you if you cannot even trust your own skill set or provide accurate references?

It is crucial to be honest with your recruiter, even if you were fired previously or have a criminal history. Your recruiter can hear your situation and advocate for you. Misrepresenting yourself or withholding important information will hinder their efforts.  You were hired because of your intangibles, your skill set, and experience. If you do not tell the truth on your resume, you could have your character called into question.

Transparency is key when it comes to working with your recruiter. Regardless of your background or experience, being honest and forthright is the only way to work with your recruiter. It is imperative to be truthful and in turn, you could land the opportunity of a lifetime.  Interested in working with one of our Arrow recruiters? Take a look at Our Team to reach out today!